At Vine of the Mountains, we are concerned with how authentic faith in Jesus is lived in the daily context of friendships, family, work, rest and culture – to the end that, together, we become an earthly expression of the Kingdom of God.

We hope to learn, practice, and experience what it means to give our full, trusting allegiance to Jesus – a way of living which has been passed down through the centuries, but is eternal. We encourage one another to base our hopes, priorities, and choices on the truth which God reveals in the Scriptures.

Following Jesus takes us on an adventure which sometimes requires uncomfortable challenges to our natural inclinations and a rejection of the latest worldly wisdom. Still, we are never afraid to seek truth, knowing that the last word on all reality belongs to our wondrous Creator.


We believe God has blessed each person with spiritual and natural gifts. When we serve others from these giftings, we experience the joy and contentment for which we were created. For, in loving and gracious service to one another, to our parish, and to God, we participate in the life of the Trinity.

On Sunday mornings at The Vine, we express and experience a foretaste of heaven as we welcome one another, teach our children, offer hospitality, join our talents in worship, pray together (sometimes in lament), and are nourished by the Word and the Sacraments.

In summary, we are a part of The Church, Christ’s Body on earth and His Bride in the life to come. This may sound very grand (it is!), but it is also fully present in the seemingly small things of life — caring for one another, volunteering for community concerns, giving generously to those in need, bearing one another’s burdens in small groups, celebrating what is good and beautiful, and always helping each other grow in devotion to God. You are invited to find a home here.